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Door To Door Transportation

Long Distance Moving Services within North America
Charges for this type of relocation are based on the actual scaled weight of your shipment, and the distance traveled between homes, according to the published ATLAS VAN LINES tariff of charges. We will provide you with a guaranteed estimate of all charges on completion of an in home survey. With more than 600 Atlas Van Line Agents in North America, we are very well qualified to assist you in a move to or from any location.
Local Moving Services
Moves under 40 kms in distance are considered LOCAL MOVES and are charged by the hour. The hourly rate is dependent on the number of crew required to complete the loading and unloading process in one day. In the case of a larger home, in may be more convenient and less expensive (no overtime charges, and a fresh crew) to load one day and deliver the next. It is the policy of SUMMIT MOVING & STORAGE to employ only full time professional crews. We are so confident in our ability to provide a quality relocation that we guarantee our service in writing with a money back guarantee! Contact us for a free, no obligation in home estimate. Our moving consultant will advise you on all aspects of your move including ideas on how to save time and money. We will also provide you with all the packing materials on an inexpensive rental basis if you would like to perform some or all of your own packing.

Around the block or around the world, Summit Moving & Storage will provide you a worry free relocation. We will provide an in home survey at no charge or obligation. Summit Moving & Storage will provide in writing, a guaranteed and itemized estimate of costs, and an explanation of services and schedules.

Think of your Summit Moving & Storage Van Operator as your Moving Day Manager. He takes charge of the entire process from start to finish. He knows how to handle your possessions safely and how to load them securely. Loading the van is like doing a giant jig saw puzzle and only a professionally trained van operator has the skill and experience to do it right.

Your Summit Moving & Storage Van Operator will take the time to walk through your home with you and to explain the moving process in detail. He will review the inventory listings including his notations regarding pre-existing damage prior to asking you to sign copies of his paperwork. Any questions or areas of concern can be discussed directly with your van operator. Your satisfaction is his primary goal.

For extra protection, your Summit Moving & Storage van operator will pad your staircase banisters and railings before moving any items up or down the stairs.

White and light coloured upholstered furniture is covered with clear plastic and then wrapped carefully in clean, quilted moving blankets.

Thick cushioned moving pads are used to protect your furniture items. Any items, which require disassembly, are reassembled for you at destination. All hardware pieces are placed in our specially designed "Set-Up" cartons for safekeeping.

Your rugs and under padding are double protected - first by rolling separately and tied with twine and then by being re-rolled in a clean moving blanket or placed in a protective plastic bag.

Pianos of varying sizes can be moved safely on the Atlas moving van. In some cases, such as with grand or baby grand pianos, pre-move servicing or disassembly by a certified piano technician may be required.

Valuable appliances are carefully padded and then moved on specially designed appliance carts for maximum safety.

Your shipment is carefully loaded and arranged in tiers to ensure that your possessions are packed in tightly so as not to shift during transport.

Summit Moving & Storage maintains a fleet of clean, modern tractor-trailers with all of the proper equipment including clean moving pads, logistic straps and decking bars to ensure safe transport of your valued possessions.

Your Summit Moving & Storage crew will take every possible precaution to ensure that your furniture arrives damage free at your new home.

Packing Services

Proper packing is critical to a successful move. Your possessions represent both an emotional and monetary investment which deserve the best care available while they are being moved.

The Summit Moving & Storage Team of trained and experienced packing professionals have the proper materials and know-how to assure your possessions arrive safely at your new home. Allowing Summit Moving & Storage to do your packing will also save you time when you need it most. In the event that you prefer to do you own packing, we can arrange to have professional quality materials and packing instructions delivered to you prior to your move.

Automobile Transportation

You can move your car one of two ways. It can go in the moving van with your household goods, or by rail carrier. Both options offer a safe means of transporting your car, but there are a few differences.

If your car is shipped with your household goods everything will be picked up and delivered at the same time. Generally speaking this also provides faster transit time. When using the service of a rail carrier your auto can be loaded on the same day as your household goods or you may choose to schedule for earlier or later pick up. Transit time is based on the distance of you are moving.

Storage: Local, Long distance and International relocations

When your new home isn't ready on time, you want to be comfortable about where your possessions are being stored in the interim. Summit Atlas Van Lines has a number of storage options designed to suit your individual requirements.

Short and long-term storage is available through the Summit Atlas Van Lines network. Your possessions are pre-inspected for any possible transit damage prior to being placed in clean, wooden storage pallets. Our storage pallets are brought directly to your home in our specialized truck that has been designed to have the containers placed right inside. This keeps your furniture out of the elements with our truck is in transit.

When it is time to deliver the furniture to your new home the same containers will be brought to your home inside the truck again and delivered.

Your possessions are then stored in government approved, pest controlled, sprinkler equipped and climatically controlled warehouses with proper alarms and security devices.

In some short-term storage situations, you may want to consider Atlas' container service that is available in most areas. All Atlas containers are fiberglass, reinforced with steel to provide a clean, safe, weatherproof environment. You can either affix your own lock to the container or have Summit Atlas Van Lines do this on your behalf.

Office Moving

Down time during office moving is a critical concern. If you are not answering the phones helping the customer, your competitor is. We will help with the organization of your move and our crews will relocate the furniture on the weekend or after hours.

Cost and Planning Analysis: Summit Atlas Van Lines will send an Office Moving consultant to your work place to provide you with a written quote for the relocation. Our consultant will customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Our consultant will plan the most efficient layout to relocate your offices. Items of special interest that require third party handling will be identified by your consultant. If a third party is required we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

New Office Layout: When our consultant helps you plan for your move, the layout of your new office is critical. A floor plan of your new offices should be made available to our consultant in order to best facilitate the relocation.

Our office moving tags are used to label each box and piece of furniture as to what room the items will be moved into at the new office.

Packing: Some companies opt to have their employees pack all of the desks and files in the office. While this does save on the cost of the move it is not the quickest way for the move to be performed. Our professional packing crews know how to relocate your files and re establish all of your files in your new office in order. This will keep your employees working at their jobs making you money, not packing with the potential of hurting themselves and claiming workman’s compensation.

If you wish to perform the packing yourselves, we can supply you with custom designed, easy to pack, plastic moving bins. These will be delivered to your company at your convenience prior to moving day. This includes the moving labels and any other packing related materials.

Dismantling and Assembling: We will dismantle any piece of furniture in your office that requires dismantling for the safe relocation of the item. Anything we dismantle we will reassemble when we deliver to the new office site. This can even include removing white boards, wall hangers, or anything else attached to the walls.

The Relocation: On the day of the relocation our crews will protect the floors, elevator(s), stairs and railings of both offices. Your moving consultant will be present during the move to help guide the crew and insure the move is a smooth process.

Even safes and large industrial machines are easy with the right equipment and the proper know how.

Warehousing: In the event that storage is required, all items will be containerized with our climate-controlled warehouse. Sometimes companies find that they have more furniture then their new offices will allow for. This may happen when you are only able to move into part of your new space because of waiting on painters, builders, etc.

Pet Relocation Services

Your pet is a special part of your family. They can also experience the stress of relocation in the same as you and your children. At Summit Atlas Van Lines we know the companies that will treat your special pet as a family member. We will help you arrange all the necessary details in order to reduce the stress of the relocation.

File Storage

Summit Atlas Van Lines warehouse is equipped to store your company’s files or personal files that you cannot throw away, but you do not have the room to keep on site. Our climate controlled and secure warehousing system allows you to store your files knowing that if you ever require access to one box it is easily located and quickly shipped to your office.

Around the block or around the world, Summit Atlas Van Lines will provide you a worry free relocation. We will provide an in home survey at no charge or obligation. Summit Atlas Van Lines will provide in writing, a guaranteed and itemized estimate of costs, and an explanation of services and schedules.

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